Oracle: Analyze Table or Index

Analyze command

The ANALYZE command is to obtain faster and better statistics use the procedures supplied.
The analyze table can be used to create statistics for 1 table, index or cluster.

ANALYZE table tableName {compute|estimate|delete) statistics options
ANALYZE table indexName {compute|estimate|delete) statistics options
ANALYZE cluster clusterName {compute|estimate|delete) statistics options

Code examples
ANALYZE table scott compute statistics;
ANALYZE table scott estimate statistics sample 25 percent;
ANALYZE table scott estimate statistics sample 1000 rows;
analyze index sc_idx compute statistics;
analyze index sc_idx validate structure;

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1 comment:

  1. Great Article but it would have been better if you please add the contents as to when to use the above statements.

    Why do we actually analyze table/ index/ cluster ?

    What happends in the background when the above runs ? What is actually collected etc.

    This is for which version ?